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MedRev is the nation's fastest-growing startup healthcare firm, MedRev understands what members need to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care. We collaborate with a wide variety of healthcare institutions to make sure that our cutting-edge methods, knowledge base, and experience are accessible to all populations and all points along the care continuum.

Hospital Pharmacy

A Hospital Pharmacy is organization's department, service, or territory that is operated under the supervision of a legally and professionally certified pharmacist. To provide a bridge between medical professionals and administrative authorities. To ensure the best possible drug-therapy management the pharmacy department oversees purchasing, storing, dispensing, preparing, and inventorying drugs.

In comparison to other sectors of the healthcare industry, managing a large chain hospital pharmacy has far more difficulties. We deal with everything from managing the hospital pharmacy's development and income to providing supply chain services. Among the clients who fit into this category are MAX Multispecialty Hospital, IBS, and others. We focus on arranging, planning, and managing the movement of resources from their original purchase via internal processes to the service point to distribution.

As the issues faced by these hospitals differ from those faced by huge chain hospitals or small ones, we provide assistance in structuring their operations. We control the delivery process, accounting, and so forth. The primary issue for a medium-level hospital is typically the medication supply chain because there is a shortage and no set procedure for how things should be done. Some of our customers which we serve from this segment are BLK, MILAAN and so on.

Usually, the main issue that smaller level of hospital pharmacies face is lack of human resources. There are no bounded people for particular work as the one who does the billing, the same person is responsible for dispensing the medicines from the counter. So, we make sure the human resources are adequate and are confined to a particular work for good workflow. Medeor is one of the clients to which we are associated from this segment and still there are many on the list.

When you collaborate with several healthcare organizations, you are perfectly aware of which organization’s insights are relevant and what the appropriate response is to address them. The fundamental issue with nursing homes is frequently disorganized workflow and a lack of established procedures. We have worked with numerous nursing facilities while maintaining their cash flow, revenue model, supplier chain, and more.

Gone are the days when pharmacies were just confined to dispensing medicines but now there is much broader scope of works which are associated with it. In polyclinic maintaining database, arranging medications of specific diagnosed disease that’s required and a lot more in the list has to be done. HCL Healthcare and Gramin Healthcare are some of the firms we cater our services to.

Retail Pharmacy

A chain or independent pharmacy that is authorized by the State to practice pharmacy and provides drugs to the general public at retail pricing is referred to as a "retail community pharmacy." The most typical kind of pharmacy that gives the general people access to their prescriptions and health advice is commonly referred to as a retail pharmacy.

Retail Pharmacy face a lot more different problems than those of hospital pharmacies as retail pharmacy don’t usually have each and every medicine which are prescribed by the doctor and due to this problem they lose out on many patients. We hold forte in serving retail pharmacies as we do understand the problem with every perspective. Whether it’s the on counter hassles or backend challenges, we try to study each angle of the problem and then work on it and due to which the workflow can come in the pipeline and revenue can be earned with proper structured setup.
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