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Hospital Pharmacy Management

MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL) is one of India's fastest growing company in the field of Hospital Supply Chain Management. MHPL is founded with an intention to revolutionize the way healthcare services are provided; We are standing to make a difference to improve the health of patient in India and abroad. MHPL is importer, stockiest and supplier of hospital supplies and drugs at cost effective pricing and with supreme customer services. MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL) is one of India's fastest growing company in the field of Hospital Supply Chain Management.

MedRev Pharmacy connects hospital and unorganized pharmacy leaders to learn from each other, improve through collaboration, and build solutions to healthcare’s most pressing problems. Our networks provide cutting-edge research, relevant data, actionable insights, and proven expertise to deliver exceptional care.


To redefine healthcare and provide our best effort to ensuring that everyone has a treatment which is available, accessible, and affordable.


To address the changing demands of our customers and provide them the solutions to take control and manage their health with our inexpensive services and innovation-focused approach.

Our Journey


In 2016, Medrev Services was established on the foundation of regional autonomy. The team of pharmacy business owners, Vivek Shahi, Sandeep Tripathi, Arjun Banerjee, and Umesh Malik realized that local management teams who are given significant ownership and authority to run their companies locally can offer better Customer Service, Effective Operations, and Motivated Sales Efforts.


Building Team from Scratch

It takes time, patience, and the capacity to identify an organisational fit to build a collaborative team that can accomplish remarkable things for a vision. When we first started in 2016, there were just a few of us, but as time went on, we increased the value of our human resources, which are empowered to make decisions that are customer-centric and work best for both the client and the business at the same time, to help our company reach new heights of success. Today, we are overjoyed to work as a team as a part of MedRev.


Standing on a firm Ethics

The principles and ethics that guide your brand's operations after assembling a team are an essential component of every organization. Healthcare professionals have always sought to uphold certain ideals that don't even change as time passes. Some of them are important to us, such as the fact that we always put our customer’s need first and that we serve the healthcare industry above all else.


Progression at Peak

By forming alliances between local businesses and a global support staff, our team of industry professionals set out to develop a system that is superior to the usual franchise model and enables each pharmacy to run as its own independent business.


An Unfortunate: COVID-19

Just like life in general has highs and lows, similarly the business has its own. Due to COVID-19, things didn’t go too well with all of us but being true to your service even in tough time is what matters the most. The team stood tall and faced each challenge and conquered them too.


Growth Never Stops

Our team built strong ideation and embraced the change we went through. We held our clients and served them with more dedication and trueness as the empathy towards the life meant a lot more than before.


Expanding Reach

With the acquisition, our company is better prepared to serve the expanding demands of our broad membership and clientele, which includes medical centres, health systems, community hospitals and retail pharmacies.


Core Values



Being Responsible, Trustworthy, and Fair in our Business dealings are all priorities for us.



Being Honest and keeping up to our commitments, constantly upholding professional standards is what matters the most to us.



For us, providing services and ensuring your well-being are responsibilities we held ourselves accountable to



Serving you as one entity is a value that we believe the most. Unity as a team, Family, Society and Nation is what reflects the feeling of one and serving with all our efforts



Providing all our care, being considerate, treating with dignity, and working in accordance with best interests to our people is one of our core values that we believe in the most



At the core of health care ethics is our sense of right and wrong and our beliefs about rights we possess and duties we owe others

Governance and Board of Directors

We commit to upholding the highest standards of ethical business practices in all that we do. Nowhere is this commitment to integrity more impactful than in our relationships with members, employees, suppliers, and the industry at large.

MedRev Board of Directors represents the needs of our stakeholders and provides valuable counsel to leadership regarding the company’s strategic endeavors. Integrity has long served as the underpinning of our business; and as a privately held company, we commit to many of the same governance and regulatory standards applied to publicly traded companies

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