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20 April, 2022

Healthcare is a complicated ecology in which the most important factor is how staff time is spent. Resources devoting their productive hours to key functions produce superior results, although this is not always the case. Hospital pharmacy services at Medrev can help with this. While traditional care management involves in-patient settings, our care management services focus on early and preventive intervention by working within communities to prevent the onset of health issues and reduce healthcare costs.

Hospital pharmacy management is a complex and multi-faceted process that involves a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Hospital pharmacy managers must also have a deep understanding of current drug therapies, medication safety, and pharmacokinetics to provide the best possible patient care. In addition, they must be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless integration of the hospital pharmacy into the overall healthcare system.

The following are the key functions/roles performed by hospital pharmacies:

  • Provide parameters for purchasing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biologicals, and so on.

  • Drug storage should be done correctly.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution of transfusion fluids, parenteral medicines, pills, capsules, ointments, and stock combinations.

  • Parenteral preparations made in hospitals are dispensed and sterilized.

  • Dispensing of medications based on hospital medical staff prescriptions.

  • All drug containers from which medicines must be dispensed must be filled and labeled.

  • Store management entails purchasing pharmaceuticals, ensuring correct storage conditions, and keeping records.

  • Establishment and maintenance of "Drug Information Centre."

  • We are offering collaboration in education and research activities.

  • I am removing expired medications and containers with damaged or missing labels.

Outsourcing care management services are a growing trend in the healthcare industry, and hospital pharmacies are no exception. This service provides hospitals and other healthcare facilities a convenient and cost-effective way to manage various aspects of their pharmacy operations.

Medrev Provides various Care Management Services as follows - 

As a leading provider of care management services, we have substantially benefited clinics, hospitals, and practice management organizations. It also benefits patients because they are more satisfied. We provide the following services as part of our health and social care management:

  • Coordination of Care

We work with your patients to ensure they follow the doctor's orders. As a result, individuals can recover more quickly and with less chance of readmission owing to overdose or noncompliance with the treatment plan.

  • Reduced 30-Day Readmission

Patients are supposed to follow medication and therapy programs after being discharged from a treatment facility, but not everything always goes as planned. As a result, we provide a month-long follow-up relationship assistance to identify socioeconomic barriers and other roadblocks to reduce the risk of readmission.

  • Coordination of Pregnancy Care

Women in labor or reaching the end of their pregnancy require particular attention to ensure a healthy and seamless delivery. As a result, we provide them with educational, medical, and social support through care management services. We begin our care management solution in the first trimester of pregnancy and continue until six weeks following birth.

  • Compliance with Patient Visits

We educate patients so that they realize the significance of following the treatment plan. Our care management team follows up with patients to assess adherence by asking questions and collecting answers. We also check to see if they have planned visits with general care or specialists.

  • No call, no show discount

No-show clients can irritate workers and, in extreme cases, lead to negative encounters and destroyed relationships. As a result, we follow up with patients who have scheduled appointments to ensure they keep them. As a result, we assure quick action and build a strong relationship.

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